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    Workshop Registration
    To complete your workshop registration, you will be asked to fill in the required information for processing and payment.

    Workshop Registration
    You are already registered for this workshop
    Workshop Registration
    You are already registered for this workshop
    Irrevocable Release and Waiver
    By signing this Irrevocable Release and Waiver, the undersigned Participant is expressly warranting and representing to the CWF each and every one of the following points:
    1. The Participant understands and recognizes that any outdoor activity has potential inherent dangers, and that although neither the event nor any of its individual activities appear to suggest that the Participant through the exercise of reasonable care and caution will be at any significant risk of sustaining injury, damages or loss, the Participant nevertheless irrevocably assumes all such risk while participating at and in the event, regardless of how, where or when sustained. As such, the CWF will not be liable nor held responsible for any injury (including loss of life or limb), damage, or other loss (including but not limited to economic loss) sustained by the Participant howsoever incurred, at any time during the undertaking of the event and any of its individual activities, and including the Participant’s travel time to and from the event, and the Participant hereby holds the CWF completely harmless as regards all such liability. As such, this Release and Waiver, once signed by the Participant, constitutes a full answer and defence in favour of the CWF as regards any claim of any sort pursued by the Participant against the CWF for any injury, damage or loss sustained by the Participant while participating at or in the event and/or any individual activity thereof.
    2. Moreover, the Participant further acknowledges and accepts that the CWF would not have organized and undertaken the event if to do so included the assumption of any risk whatsoever as regards injury, damage or loss sustained by any of the Participants. The Participant therefore recognizes that it is a condition of his or her participation in the event and/or any individual activity thereof that he or she sign this Irrevocable Release and Waiver, and that he or she is under no requirement or compulsion to participate in the event, and is therefore free to decline participation if this term is not acceptable to him or her.
    3. This Release and Waiver, together with the benefit it confers upon the CWF, shall extend to and apply not only to the Participant, but also to his or her estate, personal representatives, and family members (whether also taking part in the event or any of the individual activities thereof themselves or not).
    4. Accordingly, the undersigned, having read all of the terms of this Release and Waiver, and having no questions or concerns regarding either the event or this document which have not been adequately responded to by the CWF and/or the organizers of the event, hereby irrevocably releases the CWF from any and all liability sustained at, during, prior to, or following the event.
    Photo Release
    I hereby consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, or anyone authorized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation, of any and all photographs or video footage that have been taken of me this day for any purpose, without compensation to me.
    All videotape, negatives and positives, together with the prints, are owned by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.
    The Canadian Wildlife Federation reserves the right to use these photographs or electronic images in any of its print or electronic publications.
    I hereby acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older and have read and understood the terms of this release.
    Workshop Resgistration Instructions
    Step 1: Complete workshop registration form. This step will register you for the workshop but you won't be able to attend it until payment has been received.
    Step 2: Pay for the workshop. This step will complete your workshop registration. Please note that you will be automatically redirected to the payment page on successful completion of step1.
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    Workshop Payment
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